About Inspiración

Inspiración Dance Chicago (IDC) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 dance company located in Chicago, IL. Drawing from multiple dance forms while retaining the cultural authenticity of Latin dance, IDC presents groundbreaking instruction and choreography that utilizes Latin dance to educate and enrich the lives of young people and the community. Click here for a record of our non-profit activities.

Inspiración offers a variety of services for adults, youth, and the community. Please contact us about bookings for private lessons, performances, dance workshops, and school programs at info@InspiracionDanceChicago.org

Since our founding in 2013, IDC has performed and taught classes across the Chicagoland area, as well as in Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Orlando. IDC has supported several major charity fundraisers, collaborated with local jazz and contemporary companies, as well as choreographed and performed in a major theater show.


IDC was named Performing Arts Humanitarian of the Year in 2015 by the Fashion and Arts Humanities Fete. IDC has provided youth instruction at Senn High School, Lane Tech High School, and Loyola University, as well as cultural dance workshops at several elementary schools throughout Chicago. At our core, we not only teach dance, but also help students build confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills.  As funding for the arts is cut across the city, the services we offer are invaluable to the community and our youth. Our commitment to our students continues off the dance floor, as IDC acts as a resource for professional development post-graduation as well.


Our Dancers 

IDC consists of dancers, instructors, performers, and choreographers with backgrounds in a variety of genres including Latin, ballroom, classical, and contemporary dance.

See here for a full list of dancers and bios



IDC holds annual dancer auditions, followed by an apprenticeship program which includes evaluations and training for all new members. Upon successfully completing this training and performing an entire choreography, Apprentices will transition to Associate status and be incorporated into the regular team rehearsals.

For those with experienced dance backgrounds and high level applicants, please email us directly at info@inspiraciondancechicago.org with your dance resume.